About ALIFE Air Automobiles

ALIFE Air Automobiles Pte Ltd was launched in 2013 and is today Singapore's only automobile manufacturer. The company’s primary focus is on the design and development of Clean Air sustainable solutions for the automobile industry. Rather than follow the trends of other automobile brands or compete with traditional approaches to automobile design, ALIFE Air Automobile’s primary focus is to find a sustainable solution that will satisfy the needs of the consumers today.

The team at ALIFE Air Automobiles develops its own technology know-how, pulling together expertise from across the globe, creating sustainable solutions to help solve the ever-increasing pollution problem being faced by countries all around the world.

In 2014, ALIFE Air Automobiles announced one of the most critical steps towards establishing their presence in Singapore – the launch of the A-Service Centre. The newly launched service centre is designed to provide motorbike users access to cutting-edge technologies, innovations and products. More than that, it is a hub for the motorbike community and clubs to come together to learn, share, and socialise with regards to bike designs, maintenance, upgrading, and safety. 

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At ALIFE Air Automobiles, we are committed to transforming the world by bringing to reality, highly innovative automobiles powered by Clean Air Sustainable Technologies. We are driven by passion, powered by innovation, guided by customers, and measured by sustainability.